Ending stigma will help people feel accepted, seek the help they need and recover.

Break The Barrier: Men and Mental Health

The stigma surrounding mental illness is lessening, but men still face unique barriers to seeking the help they require. Our challenge should be to 'man up' and confront the illness head on. Project Voice celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week with our Break The Barrier: Men and Mental Health video! 

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Project Voice Official Trailer

   Break the Barrier is a movement that began more than 5 years ago in Saskatoon. We are a group of community partners and volunteers and our objective is to eliminate the stigma and discrimination that persons living with mental illness and substance use disorders experience every day. Our focus on recovery, and the struggle, hopes and triumph that recovery entails is shared through our Project Voice Campaign . 

What is Break The Barrier and Project Voice?

Break The Barrier and Project Voice participants talk about the formation of Break the Barrier and the creation of Project Voice.

Project Voice: The Worst Kind of Stigma....

Break the Barrier and Project Voice Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week.

End Stigma. Change Lives.

Project Voice: If you could tell people one thing...

If You Could Tell People One Thing About Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorder, What Would It Be?

Project Voice: What is the one thing you should not say....

What Is The One Thing You Should Not Say To People With Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorder?

About Us


End Stigma

 Attitudes and behaviors toward people with mental health and substance  use issues

need to change.

We can end stigma by breaking the silence, changing the image of people associated with mental illness and substance use issues, and provide education on the dangers of stigma and discrimination.


Break The Barrier

Ending stigma will help people:

* Seek the help they need

* Feel accepted, respected and equal

* Recover

*Offer Hope, Encouragement and Support!


Change Lives

Sharing stories of recovery, life and hope can correct misconceptions and stereotypes - it can help eliminate  stigma and end discrimination.

The BTB Partnership is: