The media (journalists and news organizations) plays a large role in helping to Break the Barrier: End Stigma. Change lives.


How the Media Can Help

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, many studies have found that media and the entertainment industry play a key role in shaping public opinions about mental health and illness.  People with mental health conditions are often depicted as dangerous, violent and unpredictable. News stories that sensationalize violent acts by a person with a mental health condition are typically featured as headline news; while there are fewer articles that feature stories of recovery or positive news concerning similar individuals.


How you can help:

1. Learn the facts about mental health and addictions; ignore the myths.


2. Seek input from mental health experts in your stories where a mental health issue may be at play.


3. Showcase more stories of recovery. Studies show that 60% of people with mental health and addiction issues don’t seek help because of stigma – they fear what others will think. One positive story of recovery may be all that’s needed to move and individual to take that first step toward recovery and ask for help.


How we will support you:

1. Contacts to mental health and addiction experts.


2. Access to individuals in recovery willing to share their stories.


3. Facts and information on mental health and addictions, and stigma

on our website,


Break the Barrier is a campaign of the Community Mental Health & Addictions Recovery Project. Partners include: Addictions Professionals Association of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Mental Health Association (Saskatoon Branch), Crocus Co-op, Living with Mental Illness Conference, Mental Health & Addictions Services (Saskatoon Health Region), Saskatchewan Approved Private Homes Inc., Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services, Saskatoon Housing Coalition, Métis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Inc., and Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon Chapter).


For media interviews, please contact:

Michelle Robson

Manager - Adult Recovery Services,

Mental Health and Addictions Services

Saskatoon Health Region

(306) 655-0449

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